Spectra S2 Breast Pump

Spectra S2 Breast Pump – For the Mom who wants her pump to suckle!

Spectra S2The Spectra S2 breast pump, a relative new comer to the world of breast pumps, has distinguished its position as a very close runner up to the Medela Pump in Style Advanced.

It can be used as a single or double pump, has a closed system, is much quieter and costs much less!

Read on for my complete review.


What’s included?

2 bottles, 2 breast shields, 2 suction tubes, an ac-adapter, and the pump

  • 12 volt AC adaptor
  • 2 breast milk bottles, 5oz/150ml capacity each
  • 24 mm breast shields (average size)
  • 2 suction tubes, valves and backflow protectors
  • The pump of course.
  • Product manual


No battery?

The Spectra S2 Breast Pump doesn’t come with a battery pack however the S1 model does.  That’s the main difference between the Spectra S1 and S2 models.  So if a rechargeable battery is an important feature for you, for example if you travel or have to go places where it might be tough to find an outlet, you should go for the Spectra S1 model.  Be prepared to pay extra for the battery feature though.


How do I know this is the right breast shield size for me? 

All the Spectra breast pumps, including Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 come with standard 24 mm breast shields which is considered the average size.

To determine if the breast shield is the right size, here is a guideline: the breast shield should fit directly over your nipple so that a seal is formed and the vacuum can draw your nipple into the shield and extract milk.  Your nipple should not be touching the side of the breast shield.  If the fit is right, it should feel comfortable and maximum milk should be extracted.

To figure out your size, there is a useful guide to breast shield size on the Medela website which you can refer to here.


What if I need another breast shield size?

Spectra breast shields are available in sizes 24 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm and you can order them separately.  Keep in mind you will not be able to buy just the shields, you will have to get the whole shield kit, which includes the breast shields, valves and tubing.


How often can I use it without worrying that it will wear out?

By all indications, as often as you want!

Let’s do some rough back-of-the envelope math.

Most personal-use pumps are designed for a year or so of use with one child.  Let’s assume an average usage of 20 minutes of pumping, 3 times a day for 365 days OR

20x3x365 = 21,900 minutes

Divide by 24 to get the number of hours: a bit over 900 hours of pumping.

The motor life of the Spectra S2 breast pump is rated at over 1500 hours!

Additionally, the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty on the pump (90 days on accessories).

So it’s safe to say: stop worrying and pump all you want!


I’m concerned with BPA in the plastic bottles that come with this and want to use glass bottles.  Can I?

Like Medela, Spectra S1 and S2 clearly state that any parts that come in contact with breast milk as absolutely free of BPA.

If you still want to use glass bottles, standard wide mouthed glass bottles should fit.


How comfortable is the suction?

According to Spectra, their pumps ‘don’t suck, they suckle’, meaning feel very close to the sensation of a baby.

The suction in the Spectra S2 breast pump starts with a massage mode to get the milk flowing and goes into expression mode once the flow starts.  Massage mode is a short shallow mode designed to start the milk flowing.  One user said it almost feels like its vibrating while suctioning.

Expression mode is a deeper, slower suck, much like a baby’s once the milk is flowing.

The great thing about Spectra S2 is that it gives you the option to keep switching between these modes as needed.  This is very helpful for women who find it hard to get a letdown.  Letdown is simply the release provided by the muscles in your breasts to let the milk start flowing.

Additionally, the suction and speed are both separately adjustable.

Most users agree that it’s quite a gentle and comfortable suction, different from other pumps.


Is it portable?

The Spectra S2 is light and portable, though of course you need to be by an electrical outlet to use it.  Unlike the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, it doesn’t  come with a tote bag or carrying case but its light enough to fit into a regular backpack or tote bag.


Is it noisy?

This is probably the quietest breast pump you can find.  Keep in mind, this is a mechanical piece of equipment, it WILL have some noise.  But as the makers say, it is NEARLY silent.


Is clean up easy?

On one word, Yes!

The Spectra S2, like all Spectra pumps is a closed system meaning breast milk cannot come in contact with pump motor or get in the tubing.  This is a huge advantage for someone concerned with hygiene.  It also means the pump would be sanitary from one person to the next as you could use your own breast shields, bottles and filters and share the pump motor.

Since all you have to clean is the bottles and the shields, clean up is pretty quick and easy.


Where is it made?

It’s made in Korea


Overall Rating

4.8 star 20

Based on user reviews I give this pump a 4.8 star rating as it satisfies all 4 criteria I look for in a breast pump.

  1. Comfort – can it mimic the nursing pattern of a baby? YES, it starts with a massage mode to get the milk flowing and goes into expression mode once the flow starts.  Also gives you the option to keep switching between these modes as needed.
  2. Suction – is it able to suck out the maximum amount of milk while being comfortable. YES, and it gives the option of adjusting both the speed and vacuum to get the maximum suction within your comfort.
  3. Affordability – can you buy it without breaking the bank? YES, in fact it’s a cheaper option to Medela
  4. Portability – can it go anywhere with you? YES and while this model doesn’t come with a tote or backpack, it can easily fit into another bag of your choice.


Any negatives?

No review is complete without a analyzing any issues or complaints.  With Spectra S2, there are only a few minor issues, none of which would be a deal breaker for me.

  1. These pumps come with a standard 24 mm size breast shield.  If you want a different size, you cannot buy just the shields but have to buy a whole kit including tubes, valves and shields.
  2. This model doesn’t come with a battery pack or portable bag. However, if you really need the battery, get the the Spectra S1 model.  You will have to pay more of course.  As for bag, any suitable backpack or tote can fulfill that need.
  3. Takes longer and doesn’t pump out all


And now, the most important question!  How much is this going to cost?

I find the best price at Amazon so check it out there.