Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

The Philips Avent single electric breast pump is is another good option for moms who only need to pump one breast at a time and need a breast pump for occasional use to supplement their breast feeding efforts.

Philips Avent single electric breast pump










What’s included?

  • The pump motor
  • AC adaptor
  • 1 4oz breast milk bottle, with nipple and sealing disc.
  • 25 mm large massaging cushion
  • 2 breast pack sample packs.
  • Valve, spare diaphragm and tubing


Does it come with a battery pack?

No, this model doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery pack but it works with 4 “AA” batteries (sold separately)


How do I know the 25mm cushion is the right size for my breast? 

According to Philips Avent, the standard 25mm cushion that comes with this pump fits a majority of moms.  If needed, a smaller 19.5mm size is available for purchase separately.

The way to gauge the correct fit is to see how your nipple sits in the funnel of the breast shield.   If it touches or rubs the sides of the funnel, then you need a larger size.  If it sits comfortably in the funnel, you are using the correct size massage cushion.


How often can I use it?

Philips Avent Single Electric breast pump can be used on a daily basis.  Keep in mind, a single breast pump is designed for occasional use, more as a supplement to your breast feeding efforts.  If you are a mom who needs to pump constantly or is exclusively pumping her milk, then this is not for you.  Go for a double pump, it’s worth it.


How comfortable is this pump?

According to Philips Avent, ‘when you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily’.  This is why they make comfort a vital feature of their breast pumps, whether double or single.

Unlike other breast pumps that come with hard plastic breast shields, the Philips Avent breast pump features a unique soft massage cushion with 5 textured petals that gently stimulate milk flow and flex during suction to mimic a baby’s suckling.  This cushion is make of BPA free silicone.

The pump also has an angled neck that lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle.  This means that you can sit in a comfortable upright position instead of leaning forward while pumping.

Moms who have used the Philips Avent pump agree that the suction on this pump is relatively gentle but it gets the job done.  Because of the gentler suction and the design that allows you to sit upright, it is quite a comfortable breast pump.

Once you switch on the pump, it starts in a gentle mode to stimulate flow and then you have the option of choosing low, medium or high expression depending on what suits you.


Is it portable?

Yes, very!  Especially since it can run on AA batteries, you can literally toss this in your bag and go.  The tubing conveniently wraps around the base, making it a very compact breast pump for taking on the go.


Is it noisy?

Most users report that it is not too noisy though you have to remember it is a mechanical device so it WILL have some noise.


Is clean up easy?

Clean up is very easy as there are very few parts that need to be cleaned.


Where is it made?

All Philips Avent products are made in England, UK


Does it work with 220V?

Yes this pump will work fine at 220V. In fact the range is 110-240V.


Are the accessories of the Philips Avent Double breast pump compatible with the single breast pump?



Will any other Avent bottle fit or just the one it comes with?

The Philips Avent single electric breast pump will fit any Avent baby bottle.


What’s the manufacturer warranty?

Philips Avent provides a two year warranty on this pump.


Overall Rating  4.3/5

4.3 star 20

We give the Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump a 4.3/5 overall rating. Here’s a summary:



  • Small, compact and very portable.
  • More affordable than a double pump
  • Comfortable and very easy to use
  • Closed system so milk cannot enter the tubing or get to the pump.



  • Takes longer to pump vs a double pump (but of course!)
  • Suction is gentler, which means for some moms it might not be enough to empty the breasts even at the highest settings.  So if you think you need a higher suction to empty your breasts, consider a Medela Swing or Pump in Style Advanced (double pump).


And now, the most important question!  How much is this going to cost?

I find the best price at Amazon so check it out there.