Medela Swing Breast Pump

The Medela Swing Breast Pump is a great option for a mom on a budget who only needs to pump infrequently but who still wants a Medela.  It’s almost like having half a Medela Pump in Style Advanced in a super light and portable format.

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Read on for my complete review.

What’s included?

  • Portable drawstring bag which can house the pump and all the accessories.
  • The pump itself
  • AC adaptor
  • 2 breast milk bottles, 5oz/150ml capacity each with bottle lids and 1 stand.
  • 24 mm PersonalFit™ breastshield (Average size, fits most. If you need bigger, order them separately).
  • Connector, valve, 2 membranes and tubing
  • Shoulder/neck strap
  • Instruction manual.


Does it come with a battery pack?

No, this model doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery pack but it works with 4 “AA” batteries (sold separately)


How do I know my breast shield size?

All Medela breast pump kits come with standard 24 mm breast shields which is the average size that fits most. If you feel the 24 mm shield is not right for you, you can order one of the other sizes, which are 21 mm, 27 mm, 30 mm, 36 mm.  In case you are wondering how to determine the right breastshield size for you, check out the summary on my review of Medela Pump in Style Advanced.


How often can I use it?

Medela Swing is designed for moms who want or need to pump on an infrequent basis.  For example once a day or even less frequently.  It is not meant for constant pumping so if you think you will need to pump several times a day or are exclusively pumping, this is the wrong choice for you.  Go for a double electric pump.


How comfortable is the suction?

Very comfortable, and according to users, no pain or discomfort at even the highest levels of suction.  The pump is also very easy to use with 4 pre-set buttons.


Does this pump also have the ‘2 phase expression® technology’ like the Medela Pump in Style Advanced?

2 phase expression® technology is a patented term used by Medela to describe the feature of its pumps that mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern.  In the first phase, the suction is fast and light, to get the milk flow stimulated.  In the second phase, called the ‘let down’ mode, the pump mimics a baby’s slower, deeper suck.

The Medela Swing breast pump does have the 2 phase expression technology.


Is it portable?

Extremely!  And it’s very light and discreet, particularly if you use it with batteries.  One user said it’s the size of a hamburger!  The pump weighs just 1 lb and is only 5” high.


Is it noisy?

According to some users, it is noisier than it should be, it’s definitely not the quietest pump.


Is clean up easy?

Clean up is pretty easy and consists of only the bottles and breast shields.  Even though it’s an open system, meaning fluid can get into the tubes, it rarely, if ever does.  Just follow the instructions that come with the pump and you should not have any issues.


Where is it made?

It’s made in Switzerland


Does it work with 220V?

This pump is designed to work with 110V.  You would need a transformer for it to work at 220V.  On the plus side, it can run on batteries.


Are the accessories of the Medela Pump In Style Advanced compatible with Medela Swing?



What’s the manufacturer warranty?

Medela provides a one year warranty on all its pumps.


Overall Rating  4.5/5

4.5 star 20

We give the Medela Swing Breast pump a 4.5/5 overall rating. Here’s a summary:



  • Extremely compact, light and portable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • Takes longer to pump vs a double pump (but of course!)
  • It’s an open system. Meaning there’s the possibility of breast milk coming into the tubes.   For the vast majority of users, this never happens especially if you follow the instructions given with the pump


And now, the most important question!  How much is this going to cost?

I always find that if you are in the market for a Medela Swing breast pump, the best price is at Amazon so check it out there.