In Search Of The Best Breast Pump….

If you’re looking for the best breast pump, I’d like to welcome you to Pump It Up Baby, a site dedicated to all us mothers devoted to breastfeeding our babies!

I’m Sarah James, wife, mother of two and a firm (did someone say fanatic?!) believer in breastfeeding.  I’ve breastfed both my kids and think that if there’s ONE gift you are able to give your baby, it’s to breastfeed him or her to the best of your ability.

Yep, in my books, breast truly is best!

I’m also an avid fan of breast pumps as the number #1 tool for nursing mothers which is why I felt compelled to share my story and help you in your search for the best breast pump for you.



There are sooo  many reasons why you would need a breast pump.  For me, it was a number of them, primary being failure to latch, followed by pumping through a breast infection called mastitis (twice), followed by going back to work.

Yours could be to stimulate a low milk supply, going back to school or even just a preference.

Whatever your reason, there’s something deeper going on here:  your real motivation is a very commendable decision to continue breast feeding your baby through thick or thin.


And I want to help you find the best breast pump that suits your needs.  So let’s get started.



When I was searching for the best breast pump for myself when my daughter was born, I focused on 4 criteria that were most important for me:

  1. Comfort – can it mimic the nursing pattern of a baby?
  2. Suction – is it able to suck out the maximum amount of milk while being comfortable
  3. Affordability – budget was a huge consideration and if it cost more than $200, I was better off renting from the local hospital
  4. Portability – can it go with me when I go back to work?



Basically there are 3 different types of pumps for home use: Double electric, single electric and manual.  All have their pros and cons.  There are also hospital grade breast pumps that are used in hospitals and lactation clinics.  They are quite expensive and usually rented by moms who have a short term need for a breast pump.    If you feel your needs for a breast pump are short term, then by all means, renting a breast pump is the best option for you.  Spending on a breast pump, whether buying or renting is an investment and you have to figure out the best use for your money.

In this article I want to focus on choosing the best breast pump to buy.

I looked at all 3 kinds of pumps: double electric, single electric and manual and shortlisted the top choices in all categories.     In the end I settled for a Medela double electric pump as the best choice for me but I want to share all my shortlists because there’s no one size fits all when it comes to deciding the best breast pump for you.

Let’s break it down.


Double electric pumps are just that: electric pumps that can pump from both breasts at the same time.  That, of course, makes them fast and efficient.  They are ideal for moms who:

  • Pump frequently
  • And want to get the job done quickly!

They are also often compatible with breast feeding bras, giving a hands-free option to a busy mom!


  • Fast and efficient
  • Designed to mimic baby’s natural suckling pattern


  • Can be costly compared to single electric or manual pumps
  • Need a power source, AC or battery. Not a big disadvantage in my books.


Here are my choices for the Top 3 Best Double Electric Breast Pumps

NamePriceOur RatingRead Detailed ReviewBuy
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump
Check latest price 55 star 20Read ReviewBuy it now
Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast PumpCheck latest price4.84.8 star 20Read ReviewBuy it now
Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast PumpCheck latest price4
4 star 20
Read ReviewBuy it now


These pump one breast at a time and are ideal for moms who:

  • Don’t pump too frequently
  • Have a bit more time to spare because it does take longer than a double pump


  • Cheaper than double electric breast pumps


  • Takes longer
  • Can be a bit inefficient and wasteful in my experience. I found that once one breast was ‘pumped up’, the other also got stimulated and started leaking.  So now you’re wasting some very ‘more precious than gold’ liquid.  Just my opinion, I know it’s a viable option for many moms.


Here are my choices for the Top 3 Best Single Electric Breast Pumps

NamePriceRatingRead Detailed ReviewBuy
Medela Swing Electric Breast pump$$
Check latest price
4.5 star 20
Read ReviewBuy It Now
Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump
Check latest price
4.3 star 20
Read ReviewBuy It Now
Bellema Mango Plus Single Electric Breast Pump
Check latest price
4.3 star 20
Read ReviewBuy It Now


These pumps need a fair bit of hand power and spare time which is why they are the cheapest option when it comes to breast pumps.  Like anything else, there’s a place for manual breast pumps in the world.

Manual breast pumps are ideal for moms who:

  • Are on a budget or just don’t want to spend too much on a breast pump
  • Need to pump fairly infrequently
  • Don’t mind the extra effort required
  • Want something really discreet and portable



  • No parts, no tubing, no battery or power needed
  • Small, light and very portable
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • Takes much longer
  • Needs manual effort which makes it quite inefficient

Manual breast pumps would not be my first choice but if I didn’t want to spend much on something that I needed to use only occasionally, one of these would be a reasonable choice.

Top  Manual breast pumps

NamePriceRatingRead Detailed ReviewBuy
Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
Check latest price
4.3 star 20
Read ReviewBuy it Now
Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump
Check latest price
4.1 star 20
Read ReviewBuy it Now